Personal Injury Litigation

As our law enforcement and firefighter clients know all too well, being injured is unfortunately “part of the job.” If properly and aggressively represented, a member may be able to recover compensation for those injuries, whether as a result of a vehicle accident, an assault or some other negligence.

Through our relationship with New York’s top personal injury and malpractice attorneys we ensure that everything is being done to obtain a just result for our clients and their families. Our personal injury attorneys have obtained some of the largest recoveries in New York State on behalf of our clients and their families.

If you or a family member has been injured, whether on or off duty, contact Philip Karasyk or James Moschella, so that we can assist you with getting the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Below are just a few samples of recent recoveries our attorneys have obtained on behalf of our clients:
• $275,000 settlement during trial for an NYPD Detective who fell on snow and ice while executing a search warrant. He sustained multiple fractures and tears, requiring surgery. We were able to prove that the landlord had failed to shovel his sidewalk.

• $475,000 settlement for a member of the service who was struck in the rear while occupying an unmarked car. The accident was clearly the fault of the other driver.

• $400,000 settlement obtained prior to trial for a Detective who slipped on snow and ice while walking in a precinct parking lot. He sustained a ligament tear which required surgery.

• $150,000 settlement for the injuries of a Detective who fell on a defective stairwell while walking inside a precinct. We were able to prove that the condition was dangerous for years prior to the accident.

• Maximum insurance policy was obtained for the pain and suffering of an NYPD Narcotics Detective who was run over by a perpetrator who was attempting to flee the scene.

• $750,000 settlement for a Detective who was hit by an NYPD truck that reversed into him outside of his precinct. The Detective was forced to retire due to his injuries

• $200,000 recovered for the injuries of an officer who fell on a defective and cracked sidewalk in Brooklyn. We were able to prove that the City had notice for several years prior to the accident.

• $875,000 settlement was obtained prior to trial for an NYPD Detective who was injured when a bullet struck her in the face at Rodman’s Neck. An investigation determined that the City could have foreseen and prevented the accident.

• $250,000 settlement obtained after litigation for an NYPD motorcycle operator who was sideswiped by a truck in the Bronx. He sustained serious fractures requiring surgery. He also was forced to miss extensive time from work.

• $500,000 settlement at trial for an officer who was injured due to defective equipment while working at Floyd Bennett Field. With expert forensic engineers we were able to prove that the accident was foreseeable and preventable.