Law Enforcement Unions

Members of Law Enforcement have specialized needs in legal services and support. When an officer needs legal representation, Karasyk & Moschella, LLP is the first – and only – phone call to make. We have provided legal counsel to New York’s Finest, New York’s Boldest, and other law enforcement agents for years. In fact, you may already know our attorneys.

What you may not know is that we offer a complete range of legal services to provide support to you and your family in any type of situation requiring a lawyer, personal or professional, on the job or off.

The next time you or your family need legal advice, consider the following: while most firms charge similar fees, not all law firms get the same results. With Karasyk & Moschella, you get the added benefit of a firm that knows your world intimately and uses that knowledge to your advantage.

We know where you are. We’ve been there.

As counsel to the Detectives’ Endowment Association, Lieutenants’ Benevolent Association of the New York City Police Department, and the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association Inc., no firm has more experience or is more familiar with the specific challenges and the particular legal requirements faced by members of the service and their families.

The attorneys of Karasyk & Moschella represent members of the service both officially and individually in administrative disciplinary trials, civil rights and excessive force litigation, federal and state criminal and Grand Jury proceedings, line of duty disability pension applications and social security matters, among other matters. We have successfully represented officers up to the highest ranks in the most sensitive and oftentimes high-profile criminal, internal, and public investigations.

Comprehensive Service. Unsurpassed know-how.

As a complete legal resource for members of the service, we concentrate in certain areas of law that are critical to the quality of officers’ lives.”

  • Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice: Through our relationship with the tri-state area’s top law firms we offer a first-line resource for those who have been hurt on or off the job in automobile accidents, premises accidents, defective products or negligent medical treatment. Our of counsel attorneys have earned a singular reputation for recovering some of the largest awards in the state on behalf of officers’ and their families.
  • 3/4 Pension Retirement Benefits: Line of Duty or Accidental Disability retirement benefits are subject to complex rules. Under certain circumstances, members of the service will qualify for 3/4’s instead of ordinary disability retirement benefits. The law may also allow officers’ to retire with 3/4’s and, if their case is properly presented, to recover a substantial tax-free lump sum settlement or verdict from another party, including the City, for their injuries. We have successfully guided many clients through this process, making the experience as painless and as efficient as possible.

We’ve got your back, 24/7

Karasyk & Moschella demands the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and skill from our attorneys and support personnel. We consider it an honor to represent our law enforcement clientele, and will do everything in our power to help bring your legal affairs to a successful resolution.

Like you, we are prepared to respond in an emergency. When you need legal support, we’re on the job. For more information, or to arrange a no-cost consultation with one of our attorneys, contact Philip Karasyk or James Moschella today.